1-800-810-GUARD offers both armed and unarmed security guard services to meet your needs. We are available 24/7.

All of our security officers must pass a background investigation that includes:

  • Criminal
  • Credit
  • Reference checks
  • Drug screening

We ensure that our guards are not only responsive to your needs, but professional and reliable. Our guards maintain a professional appearance while demonstrating a high level of training. We are happy to work with you to figure out the appropriate level of protection to suit your needs.

We always hold our armed security officers to the highest level of standards. These officers must possess a prior security experience and successfully complete their firearms re-qualification program each year. They are also required to possess all of the knowledge determining their legal authority, as well as the limitations of an armed security officer.

Additionally, our security officers are trained in appropriate methods of de-escalation of force, including how to take a nonviolent approach. Our guards will be ready to use verbal skills to handle violent or potential violent situations when they occur before taking other action.

Their duties on behalf of clients typically include:

Safeguarding personnel, guests, visitors, and property
• Conducting roving and stationary tours
• Preparing reports and daily logs
• Communicating with and providing assistance to the public
• Rendering assistance as necessary

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